Healthy Tea: will make your day strong!

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Project Description

Put tradition’s wisdom in health.

We have started with this general issue: Is there a way to get better health for busy modern people ? The Welller, who has 30 years experience in oriental medicine and brand expert, reinterprets our herbal ingredients in a modern way. Please feel the deep taste of the traditional tea and traditional candy which brought the traditional wisdom to health.

Deep richness of pure traditional tea blended with good ingredients

This healthy tea is gently reinterpreted less bitterness but delicate flavor and aroma with traditional food ingredients.

We brought together only good things for our body.

Based on the prescription of herbal medicine that can be edible, healthy taffy and tea help to overcome the heavy drinking, overwork, overeating and stress of modern people suffering from busy daily life. The oriental food that pursues nature rather than artificial presents vitality to modern people who are tired of busy and difficult daily life.

The package are separated to be more fun and each packages are recommended by modern interpretation of body condition.

Depending on the characteristics of the material, health tea consisting of four flavors. It is a good gift for our body, which is soft and sweet, can feel the original taste of traditional ingredients blended in each product.

Rest-Mind Tea / Relief Stress

The main ingredients are dried tangerine peels, beefsteak plant(an antacid) and licorice.
Tea will relieve the depressed mood and help to calm your mind.


Rest-Throat Tea / Relieve Throat

The main ingredients are dried balloon flower, pachyma, cnidium, licorice.
Peppermint flavor and dried balloon flower will cool down your throat and help a sore throat.


Rest-Stomach Tea / Relieve Indigestion

It is good for indigestion, and it is helpful for people who often feel bloated. Hawberry and malt are the main ingredients.


Rest-Body Tea / Relieve Tiredness

Peony roots, Korean angelica roots, cnidium, rehmannia roots, milk vetch roots, cinnamon, licorice, ginger, dried jujube are the main ingredients.
These ingredients are same as Ssanghwa-tang(쌍화탕: herb tonic tea) good for recovering from fatigue.

Enjoy the healthy tea various ways:
  • Use hot/cold water, milk or etc.
  • May use it as rice water when you cook rice.
  • Lose an odor when you cook meat dish.

It is a tea that has inherent traditional aroma and flavor, good for those of who:
  • Overeat, take a late-night snack or meat lovers.
  • Has continuous overtime or business trips.
  • Want to drink lightly like as water.
  • Are housewives responsible for daily meals.

Product Name: Healthy Tea will make your day strong!
Type of Food: Tea
Producer/Location: Dawon/Rep. of Korea
Date of Manufacture/Expiration Date: Refer to product package
Capacity(weight), Quantity by Packing Unit: (1.5g x 3 each) x 4 packs

Ingredients and Content:

  • Rest-Mind Tea: peeled tangerine skin, licorice root, beefsteak plant
  • Rest-Throat Tea: dried balloon flower, dried peppermint leaves, pachyma, cnidium, amomum seed, licorice root
  • Rest-Stomach Tea: hawberry, malt, lecithin
  • Rest-Body Tea: peony root, angelica, rehmannia, cinnamon, licorice root, dried jujube, lecithin

Nutritional Ingredients: Refer to product details

Genetically modified food: Not applicable
Possibility of preliminary screening advertisement and side effects: Not applicable
Storage and Handling: Store in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight